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The Right Man for the job: Owner/operator Raymond Scavo jr, has over 30 years experience in the construction industry. From basic construction for residential customers , to specific industry trades for commercial and industrial applications. As a young man, Raymond knew that the mechanical trades would be in his blood for a lifetime. Raymond was fortunate enough to learn plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and all other construction aspects from the most talented and well known contractors in the country. They each recognized in him his passion and ability for the mechanical and construction trades and gladly provided for him the stepping stones he needed to become a successful contractor. As the owner and operator of SCAVO - Raymond is a highly certified and licensed technician that provides every customer with his expertise and knowledge in the mechanical and construction field. Raymond oversees every project personally to insure zero call backs - this type of service is achieved through proper scheduling. From the estimate to the installation Raymond and his team of qualified employees provide you with the customer service you deserve.

The Right Price for the job: one of the major keys to achieving the right price is keeping the company overhead at its lowest. By supplying the right parts for the job, never over ordering and proper scheduling to avoid sur-charges SCAVO is able to pass the savings on to our customers. By keeping costs as low as possible we are able to offer our long-term customers certain services at no charge. At SCAVO we realize how fickle the economy can be, and we are always willing and able to assist our customers (new and existing) in the completion of their projects. Because of this we offer many financing options and payment scheduling.  

The Right Tools for the job: At SCAVO we have the RIGHT tools for all of our jobs. From a full sheet metal fabrication shop to a mobile sheet metal shop we are able to provide every customer with custom products whether on their site or from our own premises. This allows us to provide on-site fabrication to multiple sites simultaneously. At SCAVO we pride ourselves on following the newest guidelines provided by the EPA to insure the health and well-being our customers, our employees, and the earth.

The Right Stuff: At SCAVO we use only parts and supplies that are made in the USA. Not only is this important to our economy, using products made in the USA insures that we are provinding every customer with the quality they deserve. Another advantage to using products made in the USA is the availability for replacement parts from distributors all over the country. This allows for a short wait time for ordered parts and speedy installations. In our opinion, parts and supplies not made in the USA tend to have a shorter life span and longer wait time for replacements. Which in the end may increase your cost.

The Right Call: We offer free estimates, so it costs you nothing to be informed before making a decsion about your project.  Every estimate will always contain several options which will allow you to decide on the efficiency of your products and the cost.  SCAVO offers 24 hour emergency service including weekends and holidays. All of our projects also offer a parts and labor warranty. We can also provide you with any information regarding energy efficient rebates that are offered.

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