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When thinking of your furnace and air conditioning unit, refer to the care you take for your car.  Fresh, oil changes, new spark plugs, and a fresh battery help the car to run more efficiently.  Your furnace and air conditioner work in the same way.  With proper maintenance, these units will work correctly and efficiently and will last many years. 

It is recommended that each unit be serviced once a year.  To beat the rush, schedule the service of your air conditioner unit in the spring and your furnace in the fall.  This routine check-up will prolong the life of your units and ensure proper operation.  Either unit should last 12-15 years.

At the yearly AC unit inspection, the professional will check thermostat settings to ensure their accuracy, tighten all electrical connections and measure voltage, lubricate all moving parts, inspect the condensate drain, and check all of the controls of the system.  The technician will also clean the evaporator and condenser coils, check the refrigerant level, and clean and adjust blower components. 


All new appliances are marked with efficiency ratings.  The higher the efficiency rating, the lower your energy costs will be.   Although higher efficiency ratings translate into higher-priced systems, you will save money in the- long term on your energy bills.  Usually your unit is paid back in a few years (or less), at which point, you will continue to save on lower energy bills.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)                                           

AFUE is the efficiency rating for gas and oil-fired furnaces.  This number is given in percentages and tells
you how much of your fuel is used to heat the home and how much is wasted.  The minimum industry requirement is 78%, but the consumer can opt to buy a unit with more than 96% efficiency.   Older furnaces have ratings of about 60%, so replacing an old furnace can save you up to 40% on heating bills if you replace it with a high-efficiency unit.  For every $100 you spend running an 80% AFUE furnace, you will spend about $77 to run a 96.6% efficiency furnace.

Heating Seasonal Performance 
Factor (HSPF)

HSPF is the measurement used to gauge the efficiency of the heating mode on heat pumps.  Given on a basic number scale, the greater the number, the greater the efficiency and cost-savings.  With a minimum industry requirement of 6.8, units can have ratings up to 9.5.  For every $100 spend running a 6.8 HSPF heat pump, you could spend about $71 running a 9.6 HSPF unit


Imagine yourself on a frigid day in January, waking to a house far colder than it should be.  You quickly realize that your furnace may ruin your day.  Instead of waiting until this day happens to you, it is wise be aware of several factors that may impact the health of your furnace system.  


1.) AGE  If your furnace is older than 15 years, it is quite likely that it needs to be replaced.  At this age, the furnace is operating inefficiently, and therefore costing you more money.  Facts show that a furnace that has survived to the 20-year-old mark, is only operating at about 60% efficiency (new units are 90% or better). 

If your furnace is requiring costly and/or frequent repairs, it is time to consider the purchase of a new unit.  If you will need to spend $500 or more on a repair, or you’ve spent that much in the last year, it is quite likely that any new system will save you money.


Indoor air quality refers to the quality of the air within buildings and other structures.  It specifically refers to the health and comfort of the building’s occupants as they continually breathe the air.  Poor indoor air quality in homes and businesses is most commonly caused by microbial contaminants (mold and bacteria) and gases (carbon monoxide, radon, volatile organic compounds).   

A well-maintained HVAC system is a solid line of defense against poor indoor air quality.  Poorly maintained systems can harbor mold, fungi, bacteria, dust mites, pollen, and other disease-carrying pollutants which are continually re-circulated through forced air systems.  These contaminants flourish and grow in the ductwork if the right conditions of moisture and temperature exist.  

When HVAC systems are contaminated, the indoor air quality deteriorates and the occupants suffer from breathing problems, allergies, and worse.  Along with potentially serious health risks, the dirty system’s efficiency plummets and results in higher operating costs.

In the general maintenance of HVAC systems, these regularly performed steps can be beneficial to the fight against poor indoor air quality.  First, a thorough examination of the system for any potential problems is valuable.  Second, any leaks should be identified and repaired.

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